Thursday, April 02, 2009

Sika deer (doe)
Cervus nippon

Acrylic on paper

I recently recieved the new brochure for the annual NEWA exhibition, which features one of my paintings (see inset).
This image, along with a couple of others will be on display for sale during the event in July. See for details.
Speckled Wood on Apple Acrylic 7'' x 5 1/2 ''
Female Merlin

Parkgate Marsh

19th March 2009

This great bird sat perched for over half an hour, allowing me to produce a quick acrylic sketch in the field. Also 2 henharriers on view, kestrel and a party of 7 little egrets.

Hunting Short-eared owls - videograb, (Sony PC110 through Zeiss Diascope 85T)
Parkgate Marsh
March 2009

Some fairly recent quick sketches of short-eared owls, Parkgate Marsh, Wirral