Wednesday, September 17, 2008

'Smyrna (White-throated) Kingfisher' Goa

Mixed media

28cm x 39cm


One of several sketchbook illustrations to appear in the Winter 2008 issue of Birds Illustrated magazine - see below for details

'Indian Mugger Crocodile'

Goa, India


26cm x 36cm (unframed)


'Brahminy Kite & fisherman' Goa

Mixed media


26cm x 38cm (unframed)

& rice



28cm x 42cm (unframed)


One of the sketches to appear in Birds Illustrated, see below for details

'Egret and rice fields' Goa, India

Oil on linen/board

20'' x 19''

£475 inc delivery (UK)

I have just written an article for the Winter 2008 issue of Birds Illustrated, featuring sketchbook extracts from a week's holiday I had with my wife in Goa, last December. This is one of the pieces of work that will appear in the article.