Friday, June 11, 2010

Pied flycatchers

I spent an evening last week with Paul Cammack, a birder from Lancashire who has been ringing birds for over 20 years. During the summer months he spends much of his spare time studying pied flycathers in the Lune Valley, which, thanks to his efforts and those of other birders in the region, are doing really well in this part of Lancashire.

Interestingly, there was a feature on the BBC North West tonight programme yesterday evening about the pied flycatchers in the Lune valley, at another wood along the valley. John Wilson, part of the North Lancashire ringing group, (and the former RSPB reserve manager at Leighton Moss), was explaining to Diane Oxberry that there are now about 60 pairs in the Lune Valley, a massive rise from just a single pair some 40 years ago.

Bluebell oak wood, Lune valley

Two young pied flycatchers in my hand

The complete brood, above


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